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Bravo pH Study

Why am I having this study?

Your doctor has ordered a test for your esophagus called a Bravo pH study and it is done along with your upper endoscopy.  It shows the doctor the amount of stomach acid that causes your heartburn, cough, hoarseness and reflux during a normal day.

What can I expect?

The procedure will be performed while you lie on a stretcher.  The nurse will monitor your blood pressure, pulse, and temperature.  You will be given  IV conscious sedation.  As the endoscope is carefully advanced, the doctor will look at your esophagus and place the tiny Bravo capsule.  The capsule gives data to a pager worn for 48 hours.

What should I do to prepare?

The nurse will ask you questions about what medications you are taking and your medical history.  Please do not have anything to eat or drink at least 8 hours prior to the test.  If you are on heart or blood pressure medications you will need to check with your doctor and let him decide if you should take these the morning of the exam. Please follow our instructions for Upper Endoscopy Prep.

Discharge and follow-up

You will be taken to the recovery room and may feel drowsy and sleep for a short time.  You may feel some bloating from the air put in during the procedure.  Your entire procedure will last for approximately 1 hour.  You will be given written instructions to follow when you get home.  The pH probe may cause some chest pain and a sense of a foreign object when swallowing.  A diary sheet will be given to you to record what you eat, when you sleep, and when you have heartburn.  You can eat normally and engage in your usual activities during the test.  The disposable pH capsule will spontaneously detach and pass through your digestive system after several days.  You will need to return the pager after 48 hours so that the results of the test can be sent to the doctor.  It takes about 2 weeks for your doctor to receive results of your test.

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